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Side Vent Kit for Electric and Gas Dryers. Allows Your Dryer to Be Vented to Either Side Depending on the Model. Your recently viewed items: clear. Samsung Side Vent Kit.

Shutter Shack specializes in Shutters Exterior Shutters Interior Shutters and is a retail store specializing in custom window treatments and associated products.
Side Vent Kit for Electric and Gas Dryers. Allows Your Dryer to Be Vented to Either Side Depending on the Model. Your recently viewed items: clear. Samsung Side Vent Kit.
Differential Rebuild Kit (1) Differential Ring and Pinion (5) Disc Brake Pad and Rotor Kits (1) Disc Brake Pad Set (6) Disc Brake Rotor Set (1) Distributor Drive Gear (1) Door (2) Door Lock Cylinder (1) Door Skin Cloth (2) Drive Shaft (1) Drive Shaft Pinion Yoke (1) Drive Shafts (1) Drum Brake Shoe (1) Electric Fuel Pump (1) Engine Coolant ...
Model B Model A Ford Garage Hydrostatic Fuel Gauge & Sender. The pic above shows an original 1932 hydrostatic fuel gauge. This system is a variation on a U tube manometer, and uses a sender in the tank to transmit an air pressure through a line to the gauge, which moves the fluid up and down in the glass sight tube.
An electric garage heater can be mounted in various places in your garage, including on the ceiling. The propane gas & natural gas type garage heaters must use a vent in order to remove the gaseous emissions from the air.
Jan 17, 2020 · A heater can make your garage more comfortable. Having your heater appropriately installed with the proper venting can give you peace of mind and keep you safer. The exact method you use will depend on your heater, venting kit, and garage configuration. Don’t skimp when it comes to your safety and of your family.
Ventless Propane Heater, The Pros and Cons of Indoor Propane Heaters. A ventless propane heater has a number of advantages. It doesn't require a chimney or flue, or any sort of permanent, fixed vent.
Hide-A-Hose Basic Hose Handle is smaller than the standard ergonomic HAH Handle, and is all basic plastic. The size makes it more handy for garage and car use.
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WEATHER SEAL. WEATHER SEAL Blade Seals (10); WEATHER SEAL Brush Seal (11); WEATHER SEAL "T" Style (15); WEATHER SEAL Side & Top Seal (21); WEATHER SEAL Bead Style (3); WEATHER SEAL Threshold Seal (4)
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  • Upgrade, repair, or replace the ventilation with your garage or shop heater with this Mr. Heater F102860 Category III 4-Inch Stainless Steel Horizontal Vent Kit. This vent kit attaches to your natural gas heater and keeps your work area's air clear and breathable.This ventilation kit is designed to work with Mr. heater Big Maxx natural gas ...
  • Breather Vent Catalog (more options, selection guide) Cant Vents Dormer Vents (for pitch roofs) Eave Vents, Under-eave Vents Fire Resistant / Stopping Vents (all types) Foam Ridge vents for Metal Roofing Foundation Vents Gable Vents Garage Vent Kits, Solar Powered (used in many areas) General Purpose Vents (intake/exhaust)
  • Solar Attic Fan Garage Vent Kit 10821 North 23rd Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85029 800-363-9865 A. Solar Attic Fan Unit B. (6) Phillips Head Stainless Steel 1 ½" Screws C. (7) Phillips Head Stainless Steel ½" Self-Tapping Screws D. 5" Adapter Sleeve E. (2) Stainless Steel Straps F. Flexible Duct Pipe - 8 feet G. 3" Adapter Sleeve ...
  • Apr 23, 2019 · HeatStar 4 Horizontal Vent Kit F102860 for use with HeatStar Unit Heaters Includes: (1) 3x4 adapter - used on 50K only, (1) 4 adapter, (1) 45 degree elbow, (1) 4x12 length, (1) 4 adjustable length (6-19), (1) wall thimble, (1) 4 screened termination tee, (1) Hi-temp 2.8 oz. silicone, (1) SS screw kit.
  • Garage Door Exhaust Port. Exhaust Port. 4” Exhaust port for garage doors or walls. Made of strong PVC. For up to 2″ thick doors or walls. Fasteners & self closing lid included. 6″ wide across outside and inside flange. 4″ Inside diameter hold. 4-3/8″ hole required. Vary easy to install. Fast and FREE shipping. Quantity discounts availbe for over 10 pieces.

Choose from vented garage heaters with a 75,000 BTU output or a 45,000 BTU output. These garage heaters are designed to be used with natural gas, but include a liquid propane conversion kit if you...

We live in a 7 year old ranch house near Raleigh, NC. There is a 350 sq ft unfinished room over the 2 car garage and an adjacent large unfinished second floor attic area. An open stairwell leads from the first floor (has a door at the first floor level) to the room over the garage. The unfinished room has plywood flooring and batt insulation separating it from the garage. The rest of the attic ...
Metal garage prices throughout the nation depend on various factors, but the most important factor is the place you want your steel garage to be installed. Local and state authorities have different rules and regulations for metal buildings, and due to these regulations, metal garage prices vary from region to region. • failure to properly vent this water heater can cause an explosion, fire, or carbon monoxide poisoning which may result in property damage, personal injury or death. • do not vent this water heater and a forced draft or power vent appliance into the same chimney or gas vent. • moisture in the flue gases may condense and form on the Air exchange system for two car garage. Includes two fans, two vents, retractable power cord reel, thermostat and installation hardware. The automatic retracting cord reel mounts to the garage door opener bracket and provides power to the system. The thermostat turns the fans on and off when the desired temperature is reached.

VENTS 90 CFM Wall-Through Garage Ventilation Kit MA Series 5 in. Duct-VENTS GK 125 MA VENTS MA 125 garage ventilation fan improves ventilation and helps remove exhaust and toxic...

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Excellent Quality Reproduction 1969-1976 C3 Corvette Rear Deck Vent Door Seal Kit